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Model: BF12
Bamboo Mat ($47.00 Per Sheet)

This woven bamboo mat is made from flat strips of bamboo that are woven into a mat. It has a finished edge. The mat will roll up for easy shipping. You can cut this mat with a pair of tin snips. You can cut with sharp scissors but it is very hard. Take care when cutting so that the matting does not come apart. Uses for this product are:wainscoating, bar fronts, ceiling coverup or any other product you’d like to cover to with a tropical look. Please note that this mat is not smooth and finished and you will get slivers if you run your skin over it.


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Size: 4′ x 8′ (approx.)


PLEASE READ! Due to the nature of our products and the size limitations set by UPS Ground we prefer to use an online invoicing system. This allows you to see the full amount due, including an ACCURATE shipping cost BEFORE making payment. This system also helps to eliminate online fraud. Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis.
NOTE: Bamboo lengths over 8′ must be shipped via freight carrier due to Fedex Ground size limits.  WE WILL CUT ANY BAMBOO POLES SOLD BY THE PIECE ONLY THAT IS OVER 8′  IN LENGTH SHORTER TO SAVE YOU SHIPPING COSTS.  WE CHARGE .50 CENTS PER CUT. 

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Bamboo Matting – 

 Raw Sheets With Finished Edge

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